About us

We Understand Property ​Management


We help property owners and tenants thrive worldwide

MATEEM™ founder’s Nathan Levinson and Avi Levinson experienced the pain of operating with multiple platforms, managing property and tenants using desktop software, spreadsheets, and email.

After researching cloud technology products in other industries, they realized there was a global opportunity for one digital seamless workspace that placed automation, new design, and start-to-finish user experience for all property management needs at its core.

Tenant selection, rental income, property showings, completion of leasing agreements, and maintenance services have never been easier until MATEEM™ ‘s unified solutions were designed.

The custom security and integration features allow MATEEM™ property owners and tenants to have more accessibility. Clients can now access everything about their properties, no matter where they are in the globe.

Our Mission

Whether it’s finding you a qualified corporate tenant, handling day-to- day maintenance requests, undertaking property renovations, planning long term strategies for growth, or navigating tricky legal issues, we know what works and how to get the best results.

Our vision has been to create a seamless process for property owners and tenants, and create a cloud-solution for becoming the innovation leadership for property management.

MATEEM™ mission is to be property management’s diverse global innovation platform, and provide thousands of properties worldwide the tools to seamlessly create a leasing experience with ease and confidence from start-to-finish.

Meet Our Leaders

Built by a team of dedicated individuals

Nathan Levinson

General Manager

Avi Levinson

General Manager

Kian Shahla

Operations Manager